Supported Operations

The following list shows the operations implemented by S3Connect and tested with CyberDuck (v4.9.1 and later).

  • List buckets and folders.

  • Upload objects.
  • Multipart uploads.
  • Download objects.

  • Delete objects.

  • Delete Multiple Objects

Non-Supported Operations

  • No buckets operations are supported (except listing)
  • Versioning is not supported.

Incompatible Operations with MatrixStore

There are certain operations that are incompatible with the current version of MatrixStore.

  • CORS requests.

  • Replication requests (In the S3 context this refers to cross region replication).

  • Tagging requests (these relate to S3 charges and costing).

  • Website requests (relating to using a bucket as a webpage).

  • Accelerate requests (relate to using distributed edge tech to accelerate transfer rates and may incur extra costs.

  • Location requests (There is no concept of regions in MatrixStore).

  • Torrent requests.
  • Policy requests.
  • Logging requests.
  • Payment requests.