You can see below the list of supported S3 commands by S3Connect

Supported requests.

DELETE object

GET object


HEAD object

HEAD bucket

PUT object

PUT object – Copy

Initiate Multipart Upload

Complete Multipart Upload

Abort Multipart Upload

List Parts

Upload Part

Delete Multiple Objects

Unsupported requests.

DELETE Bucket cors

DELETE Bucket lifecycle

DELETE Bucket policy

DELETE Bucket replication

DELETE Bucket tagging

DELETE Bucket website

GET Bucket accelerate

GET Bucket acl

GET Bucket cors

GET Bucket lifecycle

GET Bucket policy

GET Bucket location

GET Bucket logging

GET Bucket notification

GET Bucket replication

GET Bucket tagging

GET Bucket Object versions

GET Bucket requestPayment

GET Bucket versioning

GET Bucket website

List Multipart Uploads

PUT Bucket accelerate

PUT Bucket acl

PUT Bucket cors

PUT Bucket lifecycle

PUT Bucket policy

PUT Bucket logging

PUT Bucket notification

PUT Bucket replication

PUT Bucket tagging

PUT Bucket requestPayment

PUT Bucket versioning

PUT Bucket website

(GET Bucket (List Objects) Version 2)

GET Object ACL

GET Object torrent

OPTIONS object

POST Object restore

PUT Object acl

Upload Part - Copy