MatrixStore v3.1 brings a new way of managing MatrixStore users. It's a new layer on top of traditional user credentials (vault files). 

With User Management, you can:

  • Create accounts associated to people (rather than roles) and configure access to multiple vaults in one go.
  • Have a single user list across multiple clusters through the concept of Master/Slaves clusters
    You must designate a Master cluster which will contain the master user list. You can optionally have one or many Slave clusters which will get a copy of the user list from the Master Cluster. 
    IMPORTANT: You can only edit the user list on the Master cluster, not the Slave clusters. Master cluster always overwrites the Slave cluster's lists
  • Ability to associate LDAP/AD users with MatrixStore users.

You can find more detailed documentation here

You can also see a descriptive video here.