MXFS provides a file system view of MatrixStore vaults making it very easy to access data in those vaults.

However, MXFS has specific characteristics.

Guaranteed Streams/Editing

MXFS does not guarantee streams of access, whilst you may browse content and perform basic editing operations we do not recommend using MXFS as your primary editing storage.

Limited number of files in a folder

MXFS has limitations showing more than 20000 files in a folder due to the expected timeout at the OS label. 
However, that is not a limitation from MatrixStore. MatrixStore can hold hold millions of files in a folder if the application managing the data can handle that amount of information.

MXFS on multiple machines accessing the same vaults

You can use MXFS on multiple machines accessing the same vaults, however, you need to be aware that you may need to refresh your view in order to see events from other machines.

MXFS contains a cache that gets refreshed every 30 secs by default. New or updated files from other machines during that window of time are not visible on a given machine.

You can change that timeout in the configuration of the volume you are mounting, say to zero secs so MXFS queries the server every time. The option is called "Dir caching Timeout".

In any case, in order to see changes from other machines, MXFS requires pressing F5 to refresh when it is used from explorer or finder by a user.

When it is used by applications like transcoders, they normally list files in folders before performing any operation on the files so in case they need to share folders or files between machines, you need to configure MXFS with "Dir caching timeout" to zero and there is no need for manual intervention.

There may be cases where automatic refresh is the only option due to how third party software works. In that case, Samba is required.