MatrixStore is a object storage, as such, data is stored as objects with data and metadata.

When you store a file in MatrixStore, the file name is stored as metadata together with other attribtues related to an object.

DropSpot exploits all capabilities of MatrixStore therefore when you store files, they are not limited to unique filenames.

You can store multiple files or folders with the same name holding different data in the same folder. You can look at it as the ability to store multiple versions of the same file.

MXFS presents MatrixStore vaults to the OS as local file systems. File systems are a more limited view of what an object storage can present. For instance, you cannot present multiple files with the same filename.

MXFS shows the most recent file when it detects multiple files or folders with the same name.

You need to be aware of that when you combine the usage of DropSpot and MXFS.