The following table summarises the compatibility between the latest features and the minimum MatrixStore version required to be able to use them.

FeatureMinimum MatrixStore Version
NB: MatrixStore v3.2 and above requires 16GB RAM on nodes
File Names on Audits
MatrixStore v4.2
Replication Monitoring
MatrixStore v4.2
Hybrid VaultsMatrixStore v4.2
Space ManagementMatrixStore v4.2
Windows Server 2019 & macOS Catalina support
MatrixStore v4.1
Search Across Vaults & In Folder
Vision v2.1.0.4, MatrixStore v4.1
Improved Preview Support
Vision v2.1.0.4, MatrixStore v4.1
Fuzzy Search
Vision v2.1.0.4, MatrixStore v4.1
Enhanced Proxy Support
MatrixStore v4.1
Advanced Search and Filtering
MatrixStore v4.1
Metadata Export
MatrixStore v4.1
Partial Restore
MatrixStore v4.1
Vision Reverse Proxy
MatrixStore v4.1
New Metadata DB
MatrixStore v4.1
CapabilitiesMatrixStore v4.1
Sense inc. Stats & On-premise MonitoringMatrixStore v4.1
CentOS 7.7 & macOS Mojave support
MatrixStore v4.1
move2 S3 Metadata Sidecar Files
MatrixStore v4.0
Explorer Improvements in InterConnect & move2
MatrixStore v4.0
s3connect support for CORS
MatrixStore v4.0
s3connect support for v2 object listings
MatrixStore v4.0
move2 AWS S3 upload improvements
MatrixStore v3.4
XenData support for long file paths in move2
MatrixStore v3.4
Enhanced video playerVision v1.7.0.1, MatrixStore v4.0.11
Public expiring linksVision v1.7.0.1, MatrixStore v4.0.11
AttachmentsVision v1.6.3.2, MatrixStore v4.0
Improved search on metadata extracted by PiP
Vision v1.6.0.1, MatrixStore v4.0
Hub failover
MatrixStore v4.0
Replication status
Vision v1.6.0.1, MatrixStore v4.0
Web Admin
MatrixStore v4.0
REST management API
MatrixStore v4.0
Move2 on Linux
move2 v4.0.2.3
Support for CISCO S3260 M4 storage server to be used as a MatrixStore node
MatrixStore v3.4
move2 deep archive integration through metadata attributesmove2 v2.2.1.1, MatrixStore v3.4
move2 to Amazon Glaciermove2 v2.2.1.1, MatrixStore v3.4
move2 re-archive of objects to Amazon S3
move2 v2.2.1.1, MatrixStore v3.4
S3Connect increase of supported operations and performance improvementsMatrixStore v3.4
InterConnect retrieval of stubbed assets from the remote clusterInterConnect v3.4.5.4, MatrixStore v3.4
Avoiding duplication of assets when using InterConnect
InterConnect v3.4.5.4, MatrixStore v3.4
InterConnect empty folders deletionInterConnect v3.4.5.4, MatrixStore v3.4
InterConnect failover & job distributionInterConnect v3.4.5.4, MatrixStore v3.4
Vision search improvementsMatrixStore v3.4
Vision integration with move2    
move2 v2.2.1.1, MatrixStore v3.4
TrashcanMatrixStore v3.4
NFSMatrixStore v3.4
macOS High Sierra & Windows Server 2016 supportMatrixStore v3.4
IMF CPL metadata extractionMatrixStore v3.4
Tasks Scheduling    MatrixStore v3.3
XMP metadata extractionMatrixStore v3.3
Customisable Vision    MatrixStore v3.3
InterConnect with auto re-archive of modified sequences InterConnect 3.2.12, MatrixStore v3.2
move2 to Amazon S3 and XenData 6.22move2, MatrixStore 3.2
move2 to Blackpearl (v3, v4) and Sony ODA (Gen1, Gen2)move2 1.9.4, MatrixStore 3.2
VisionMatrixStore v3.2
Avid Interplay DRMatrixStore v3.2
Content Search v2 (Vision, move2, Glookast)MatrixStore v3.2
S3ConnectMatrixStore v3.2
Content Search v1 (MatrixStore API)MatrixStore v3.1
User ManagementMatrixStore v3.1 
Samba Management from AdminMatrixStore v3.1
DropSpot Metadata FormsMatrixStore v3.1