Supported Browsers

  • Chrome and Firefox are fully supported
  • Safari is partially supported: 
    • upload of folders is not supported.
  • IE is not supported

Limitations and Best Practices

Setup Recommendation

Vision is not recommended with open internet access to the Vision server. 

The recommendation is to restrict access to Vision through VPN, on an internal network, using port forwarding and TLS or behind a firewall.

The diagram shows the recommended setup for client access to Vision and MatrixStore:

User Limits

Vision is not licensed by the number of users, however, the recommendation is to limit the use of a single Vision server up to 35 simultaneous users. Vision can accept more users but their requests will be queued and the user experience will be affected.

You can have more than one Vision backend associated to the same MatrixStore but the look and feel is configured separately for each server and users should be using a given URL from the designated server.