This article will provide you with with some helpful tips for using MXFS with Avid Media Composer

1- If you experience slowness

When working with large volumes you may find that you experience slowdowns using MXFS. Below are some actions you can take to improve performance

a) AMA Management

AMA Management is a setting use by Media Composer that indexes volumes to find clips. Due to the intensive scanning processes, this may cause performance issues regarding MXFS.

If you are experiencing slowness when using Media Composer with MXFS, please try turning off AMA Management by proceeding according the following steps:

1- In the Media Composer console (Go to menu Tools>Console), use the command ‘manageama off’ (Note: this can be turned back on at any time using the command ‘manageama on’)

2- Delete the AMA folder located at:

Windows: 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Avid Media Composer\AMA Management'

Mac: 'HD/Users/Shared/AvidMediaComposer/AMA Management'

Please see this article for further details

b) Reduce scanning

a) Make sure that no anti-virus software is scanning the volumes

b) If you have Windows Software Inventory on the machine, please use MXFS version or later

c) Media Composer: Turn off ‘Automatically link to volumes’.

d) Media Composer: Turn on “When mounting previously mounted volumes, do not check for modification times to the volume”

These Media Composer settings can be found under

Edit -> Preferences -> Settings -> Link (right click) -> Open -> Volume Mounting

2- Slow linking with XDCAM-EX format

If you are experiencing unusually slow linking times with only the ‘XDCAM EX’ format, it could mean that your Media Composer is having issues with QuickTime player.

If you have QuickTime player installed, please uninstall it and see if you experience improves.

3- Linking with Media Composer

When using AMA to link to volumes, please make sure that the correct folder is used to link.

To link clips from a virtual volume with AMA:

Navigate to the folder that contains your file-based media.

For P2, navigate one level above the Contents folder.

For XDCAM disks, navigate to one level above the Clip folder.

For XDCAM EX, navigate to one level above the BPAV folder.

For RED, navigate to the root directory of the RED card.

For GFCAM, navigate to the root directory of the GFPAK.

For QuickTime, navigate to the QuickTime folder that holds the QuickTime files

4- Other possible issues with linking

a) Make sure that your path doesn’t contain illegal characters (

Mac: ‘:’

Windows: ‘< > : “ / | ? * .’

b) If possible, you should select the specific plug-in type to use. This will be quicker that using ‘Autodetect plug-in’

c) Please make sure that your clip format is supported, and you have the correct plug-in installed

5- MXFS stops when starting Media Composer

When opening a project that has a large sequence that references many files, Media Composer can cause MXFS to stop.

Under these circumstances, it is possible to make more memory available to MXFS using a vmoptions file alongside your MXFS executable. By increasing the amount of direct memory available to MXFS, it will be able to handle much larger sequences.

For help setting this up, please contact Object Matrix support.