MatrixStore currently ships with internal switches Allied Telesis 12 port RJ45 and 4 port SFP+: Allied Telesis XS916MXT

Previously, MatrixStore used Netgear switches.

New Object Matrix customers will now receive our changed line of internal switches; we have moved from our normal Netgear brand to Allied Telesis.
We have done this for a few reasons. One, unlike Netgear switches the Allied ones have dedicated uplink ports for stacking.
With a dedicated IPMI switch this allows up to 11 nodes on the switches. This is up from 8 on the Netgear switches.
The dedicated uplinks are SFP+ links and have better performance than the current RJ45 links giving the main backbone of the switch excellent stability and with lower latencies of the packets moving between the switches.

Access for our engineers is also a factor, especially in those remote locations where a remote machine is not available to display a switch GUI. The Allied Telesis allows the engineer to SSH straight from a node for ease of use. The environment is very Cisco like and provides many more feature rich options that were not available to us with other products.

We love the look of the new switches and feel that our clients will also appreciate their robust build quality in their datacenters. Object Matrix has a long and successful relationship with Allied Telesis and we are very happy to use their switches in our 10G setups.