MatrixStore allows accessing objects using different protocols. You can combine the access to the vaults through SMB, NFS, MXFS, etc.

There are certain aspects you need to consider when you plan using multiple protocols:

  • All the file system views of the vaults (SMB, NFS, .. ) is possible through shared metadata on the objects so if you use MatrixStore API directly, you need to consider that shared metadata in order to make your application compatible with those protocols (you can find the details in the MatrixStore API programming guide)
  • If you want to combine MXFS with the protocols running on MatrixStore Hubs, you need to be aware that they require some seconds to see certain operations from each other. That period is configurable but some applications are very sensible to those intervals. You can find more information in the Advance MXFS section or contacting us directly.
  • If you need file system notifications to multiple client machines, you need to use SMB or NFS only. MXFS does not support file system notifications (although most of applications do not require them and use folder listing instead).