v4+ Matrixstore Cluster

In the event of planned maintenance, it is simple to shut down the cluster In Matrixstore v4 and above.

Power off

Firstly ensure any Matrixstore Hubs running are powered down safely. 

Then using a Web Browser go to your Web Administration for the cluster, located on a node's IP address on port 8443, eg, and log in using your cluster admin credentials.

Once logged in, navigate to the nodes tab, select the node(s) to power off, go to the top right Actions menu, and select Power off. This will initiate a clean shutdown of the cluster ensuring all services are stopped and the operating system is shut down properly. 

To confirm the shutdown has been completed physically check the nodes and see the LED light on the rear PDU turn from Green to Orange. 

Power on

To power on the cluster back on again after maintenance, begin by physically pressing the power button on the front of all nodes. 

After a period of 10-15mins, you should be able to log back into your Web Administration page for the cluster using your cluster admin credentials. 

The cluster is online again once all the nodes are online and have a recent uptime

Once the cluster is online again please proceed to power on any hubs which were shut down.

v3 Matrixstore Cluster

In order to safely shut down the Nodes, you can use the admin tool.

From the tab Nodes, you can then right-click any node and choose the option "Shutdown":

After a few minutes, your node(s) will be powered off.

In order to turn them back on, we advise turning on Node1 in the first place and the remaining ones afterwards with an interval of 20 seconds. Please keep in consideration that depending on the amount of data you store on your cluster, it may become available after a period up to 30 to 45 minutes. Usually, it takes less than this.

On the day of the power operations, in case you experience any issues, please do not hesitate in opening a new support case and our team will be happy to help you.