This guide will outline how to create and implement metadata forms for your vault.

Introduction to Metadata Forms

Metadata forms play a crucial role in providing detailed information about your archived objects. Each vault can have a unique metadata form, allowing organising and searching for data much easier.  You can achieve this by navigating to the metadata form designer located bottom left corner of the Vision interface.  Furthermore metadata forms also make up the search filter within vision allowing you to narrow searches down.

Metadata Forms through Form Designer

Before you can create/edit the metadata forms, ensure that the Matrixstore user has the correct permissions applied to them, these include Update Metadata Forms and Update Metadata.

Creating new form

We provide general insight into metadata forms through the Vision Guide, please refer to pages 33-35.  You can access this by clicking onto the User icon located in the top right of the Vision page and selecting "Help".

For more a in-depth guide, click on the cog in the lower-left corner of the main Vision page to bring up the metadata form designer. From here, press the "Help" button which will divert you to an HTML page with detailed steps.

Adding an existing form

When a new vault is created, customised metadata forms wont automatically assign to the newly created vault, as each vault use case varies. By default a basic form is assigned to the vault.
[Below I am in the morgantest1 vault which has the default metadata form assigned to it]

If you have an existing metadata form which you want to assign to the vault this will need to be done manually:

  1. Navigate to the metadata form designer located at the bottom of the Vison GUI and click on the cog icon

  2. Click on the dropdown menu and select a vault which has an existing form you want to then apply to the new vault ;  copy the fields from the existing form and navigate back to the new vault.
    [Below I want to navigate to the MorganJonesOfficeVault which has the customised metadata form]

  3. Here you can then insert the fields in which you have copied, into the form designer and select "Save" to apply it to the vault.
    [Navigate to the newly created vault and insert the customised form into the form designer, once the fields have been inserted you can then preview the form. Once your happy with the outcome you can select save and it will apply to the vault]

  4. Now when you upload an asset to the vault you will be prompted to fill out the metadata form

    [example of when a form is filled out correctly on an asset and uploaded successfully to Vision]

Contacting Support

If you have any questions, encounter any difficulties or require assistance please get in contact with the support team.