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Unable to run MXFS in Windows XP


I am trying to install MXFS in Windows XP Professional x64 SP2 machine and i am  having difficulties to do it. If i try to run DokanInstall 0.8.0 or DokanInstall0.8.0_redist it seems that is not compatible with versions before windows 7.

When i install MXFS it´s done without issues but i receive an error when i try to open it saying "Unable to open JVM, check if there is enough memory" I don´t know if I have to install Java before installing MXFS or going with an older MXFS version..

The hardware specs are as follows:

Dual Core AMD Opteron 2220 2.80 GHz


I know it´s a very old machine but we can´t replace it because of Harris Velocity Editor version that it needs to run.

Kind Regards,


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